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APAC 564 - Professional Solid-Vinyl-Flooring Adhesive

APAC 564 is a light-colored, high-shear, high-peel-strength floor-covering adhesive designed for the installation of most types of solid vinyl flooring and vinyl-backed carpet. Install carpet with APAC 564 while wet over porous substrates or while in its "dry-tacky" phase over nonporous substrates. APAC 564 dries to a tough, plasticizer-resistant bond line that retains tack while simultaneously building bond strength for a secure bond.

APAC 574 - Supreme, Pressure-Sensitive Flooring Adhesive

APAC 574 is an extremely aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to install a wide variety of resilient flooring and carpet tile. APAC 574 has been specifically formulated to provide extended working time. It can be applied using a trowel or roller, depending on the level of tack required for the flooring being installed.

APAC 584 - Premium Solid-Vinyl-Flooring Adhesive

APAC 584 is a proprietary, hard-set adhesive designed specifically for the wet-lay or transitional pressure-sensitive installation of homogeneous and heterogeneous solid vinyl flooring. With its strong, durable, moistureresistant and alkali-resistant bond, it is ideal for commercial and institutional applications. APAC 584 has an excellent open time, develops strength quickly, performs well under rolling loads and resists indentation. Green Label Plus certified, it is especially suited for use in occupied buildings such as hospitals and medical centers.

APAC 594 - Rubber-Flooring Adhesive

APAC 594 is an acrylic polymer-based adhesive with enhanced bonding characteristics specifically for rubber sheet and tile flooring. It can also be used to bond solid vinyl sheet, plank and tile; vinyl composition tile (VCT) and felt-backed vinyl sheet flooring. APAC 594 flashes quickly to its tacky phase and is suitable for use over porous and nonporous substrates. Its unique performance characteristics, non-hazardous components and low volatile organic content make it suitable for use when two-component urethane products cannot be recommended.

APAC 530 - Professional, Clear Thin-Spread VCT Adhesive

APAC 530 is a VOC-compliant, latex-resin adhesive specifically designed for the installation of vinyl composition tile (VCT) in commercial applications. It flashes quickly and has a strong initial tack that remains tacky for up to 12 hours. APAC 530 dries rapidly to a thin and semi-transparent film, allowing layout chalk lines to remain visible for easier installation. APAC 530 is part of APAC's Classic line of adhesives, indicating a small addition of solvent to the formulation for faster performance and enhanced bonding characteristics.

APAC 539 - Supreme, Clear Thin-Spread VCT Adhesive

APAC 539 is a premium, clear thin-spread VCT adhesive specifically designed for the installation of vinyl composition tile (VCT) in light to heavy commercial applications. APAC 539 is suitable for use in occupied office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants and nursing homes. APAC 539 dries to a thin, semi-transparent film, allowing layout chalk lines to remain visible for easier installation.

APAC 750- Cove Base Adhesive

APAC 750 is an adhesive designed for most types of rubber and vinyl cove base. APAC 750 has been designed to deliver the best performance in terms of initial grab and impact-resistant bonds. Based on acrylic polymer technology, APAC 750 provides the best performance for cove base installation in both residential and commercial applications.

APAC 521 - Felt-Backed Vinyl Sheet Goods Adhesive

APAC 521 felt-backed vinyl sheet goods adhesive is a latex-based adhesive formulated to be nonstaining as well as mold- and mildew-resistant. APAC 521 has been designed to give the installer sufficient open time to place and position floor covering without tearing the backing. APAC 521 forms a strong, rubbery bond and is suitable for use in light to medium commercial applications.




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