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APAC 613 - Carpet Seam Sealer

APAC 613 is specially formulated to prevent edge raveling and seal seams of most commercial and outdoor carpets. APAC 613 is fast-setting and waterproof, and it is compatible with most carpet backings. It is excellent for direct-glue and double-glue applications.

APAC 614 - Carpet Pad Adhesive

APAC 614 is a solvent-based adhesive for fastening carpet padding permanently in place over any flooring surface in both residential and commercial applications. It has good initial tack and high strength to prevent movement of padding during stretching or subsequent use. APAC 614 is ideal for bonding urethane, rubber, hair and jute padding to concrete or terrazzo subfloors.


APAC 714 - Latex Carpet Pad Adhesive

APAC 714 is specially formulated for quick bonding of most types of carpet padding to subfloors in stretch-in carpet installations. APAC 714 is fast-grabbing, low-odor and freeze/thaw-stable, and it will bond to padding over porous and nonporous substrates. APAC 714 dries quickly to a tough, tacky bond to hold padding in place.

APAC 616 - Premium Contact Cement

APAC 616 is a general-purpose, brush-grade contact adhesive designed to bond high-pressure plastic laminates to particleboard, wood or metal. APAC 616 may also be used for bonding a wide variety of substances such as foam, cloth, most plastics and rubber. APAC 616 has high heat resistance and excellent resistance to aging weather and moisture.

APAC 643 - Construction Adhesive

APAC 643 is a fast-tack, fast-grab, aerosol construction adhesive. It was especially formulated to bond polyethylene to itself, concrete block, wood and many other hard-to-bond-to surfaces.



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